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Clyde and Lola Jorgensen

Brought together through music

About Clyde Jorgensen…

Professional Musician
Rhythm Guitar
Publishing company
Stunt Man
Sheriff Clyde in Wallace and Ladmo TV

What We Do

Special Music
Senior Center
Assisted Living Homes
Live Shows

The Real True Story of Clyde and Lola…

One bright, sunny, Arizona Sunday afternoon Clyde was singing and playing rhythm guitar at Wadell’s Longhorn Saloon. Lola, dare devil that she is, after learning the Youz Guys Band would be playing at Wadell’s, unearthed the nerve to walk into the saloon and stood warily at the door, ready to vamoose at any moment. Clyde, luckily, was on break, sitting with his friends at a table near the door. Clyde saw Lola standing shyly at the door, walked over, took her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Clyde, come sit with me.” This Gentleman and Lady had a lovely time. He gave her his business card and said, “Lola, call or email me if you would like to.” She did. They became best friends and soon found it hard to say goodbye at the end of the day. Clyde said, “Lola, you really suite me. Would you marry me?” She said, “Yes”.

Clyde sings and plays the guitar, tells funny stories and uses his wit and performing talents to delight and entertain the audience. Lola sings along and encourages group participation and interaction.

What Guests Said…

“This was the best show yet.”

“What fun to sing along with you.”

“Please come back, I really enjoyed it.”

About Lola…

New to music, Clyde and his music friends encouraged Lola to sing. Having worked in Art Therapy and Counseling for over 20 years, Lola found music is a wonderful new dimension in her life.

Lola enjoys singing and entertaining with Clyde for folks who are unable to attend live venues at Assisted Living Homes, and occasionally sings a song with him at a performance. Lola hopes to someday sing alone instead of along.

Lola is currently working on a book combining art therapy and music therapy for use in the mental health field.

Lola Best and Clyde Jorgensen were brought together through music, married, and settled in the West Valley. They give back to the community by providing live entertainment.

Clyde and Lola…

Providing Live Entertainment to the West Valley!