Hmm, my lovely wife, Lola, informed me this morning, third morning in a row, that I needed to write a blog. So, in my very best MACHO voice I told her, “yes Dear”. Here I am writing a blog. Just where do I begin?? First of all, we are doing two shows this week. Wednesday we will be at the Palm Valley Rehabilitation and Care Center and Friday we will be at Estrella Estates. We will do some of our original songs plus others from long ago. I started doing these kind of venues when I was quite young and still call it “giving back” as it is always fun to do our best to bring a little sunshine to others. We like to interact with the folks we get to visit and sing for. We will ask for requests and if we don’t know one we will make an effort to learn it before we come back.

Lola and I are newlyweds, we were married last year, and we so enjoy sharing this wonderful love and joy we have discovered with each other. We are currently working on a CD with a really great producer, Steve Parish, and hope to have it finished sometime this year. It will be all original songs, mushy, sweet and loving. We believe love songs will always be in style and they most certainly are with us.

Well, I’d best get this finished as we still have a song to finish for our next date at Steve’s studio.

Love and blessings, Clyde & Lola Jorgensen