Well for goodness sakes, it is blog time once again!! Yes indeed, my lovely wife, Lola, seems to never forget. This is a very good thing as things do slip right past my thinking cap at times or, come at times when I don’t have time or resources to jot them down. As I was somewhat “preaching” to my brother Ralph just yesterday, an idea not jotted down is most likely an idea that is forgotten or, mis-construed. I am GREAT at both. I have learned, the hard way, over the years to rather embrace ideas that just might turn into a song or poem and jot them down.

In fact, Lola, found some old notes I had jotted down 30 years ago. She really liked what she saw and I got ready for a rebirth of and old idea. It worked out sweetly and I owe it all to finding the right woman to finish it for. It is titled “My Baby” and we already have it cut and ready for our new cd. We hope to finish our labor of love, with the wonderful help of Steve Parrish, pretty soon. I am thinking, knowing my wife’s idea of keeping on keeping on with hard work we will be starting on another one in the near future. OOPS!! Did I mention work?? She thinks keeping me busy writing is good for us both as I just don’t like writing without her by my side. Yes, I keep her busy taking notes and helping me with ideas, always wanting to make our songs sweet and syrupy. Come to think of it, we both really like sweet and syrupy She knows my biggest goal is to write her the “perfect” love song and with her complete support, I plan to do just that. It will keep us close together for many more hours of getting down to business of just enjoying be silly and together.

Love and blessings, Clyde