AHA! Lola tells me it is BLOG time. HMM, already?? Just may be because we just spent a few days in Grand Junction, Colorado where I lived for 40 years. We were there visiting with my brother, Ralph, lots of family and some wonderful old friends.

Ralph is not doing all that great but hanging in there as best as he can. He’s a fighter from the word go so does his best not to let that rotten Parkinson’s problem, get him down. I’m sure it would bother you if any ken was troubled by it but your “big” brother who always looked after you and shared so much life and love with you gets hit like this it is mighty spooky. Ralph and I did get to spend some quality time and kept looking back on some really fun and spirited times while we were bringing nightly Ralph n Clyde shows to so many lovely people that kept us working our butts off, all the while having a ball. We never even considered getting “burned out” but later in our years we did realize we did go through some serious side effects of working. We were doing what we loved to do, entertaining countless but wonderful friends that kept us busy and working. Now I realize we could have taken a wee vacation every once in a while and kind of regrouped, as the saying goes.

Lola and I got to visit with Grandkids and great Grandkids and that was really sweet. So many wonderful friends just added to the fun. I’ll be mentioning them in another blog SOON. I must say, Duncan & Terry Tuck drove all the way over from Denver and we loved our time with them and we are looking forward to them coming here to Goodyear for a visit with us. Duncan remains one fantastic entertainer and we do enjoy old but fun stories and jokes..

Well, both of my typing fingers are getting pretty tired so will end this. Meanwhile, thank each and every one of you that keep us in your thoughts and prayers so, as usual,
God bless, Clyde and his MUCH BETTER Half, Lola