Clyde Studio RecordingAh yes, once again my lovely wife has informed me I am late in writing a blog for our site so,,, here goes;

Life is busy at the Jorgensen resident but it’s mostly a good busy. We are going to the studio tomorrow, Wednesday, to work with our wonderful studio guru, Steve Parrish, on a couple of new songs. I think you’ll like them both. One is what we call a”gimme” as it was put in my lap as we sat at our breakfast counter. I was looking at Lola, my favorite pastime. I think the other one I had to work at a bit but Lola was right there with her sweet input. It does take the edge off the working part. Yes, I understand there are many rules, and other tricks to help in writing songs but I am more interested in “gimmies” as they almost always come out more pure. Hmm, this does sound like an excuse for a lazy writer but I’m going to stick to my guns for a while longer.

Most of our songs are pretty mushy but, they are all honest story telling of our life together as it has and is, unfolding. We make no apologies for the love, understanding and joy we are blessed with in our home and look forward to each day just to see how happy we can be. I told Lola that the best part of being away from her is getting back to her. Fortunately we don’t spend much time at all away from each other and that, my friends, is exactly the way we like it.

Love and blessings, Clyde & Lola