Our Love Story-Chapter One Music

Sometime in 2017, My Lola asked me to make a CD of my original music for her birthday gift that was coming up. After discussing her idea through-and-through we started writing songs and working with our now dear friend, Steve Parrish, at his Desertcoast recording studio. I have been writing songs for a long time and Lola was wanting to write so we got right on the ball. We came up with some love songs and bluesy songs; we had a wonderful time putting ideas together and spending time with Steve and his genius at cutting music to our tunes making our dream come together. By golly, we had Lola’s Happy Birthday gift ready for her birthday in 2019. We named the album OUR LOVE STORY: CHAPTER ONE. Our company name is Clyde & Lola Jorgensen and our slogan is Clyde & Lola’s Best Music. Lola’s maiden name is Best. (I could have never done it without her and, she certainly is THE BEST.)

We have some cute stories we tell on stage about our fun times working together on song after song. We finished 16 songs plus one really sweet Christmas song, All I Want For Christmas Is A Song, Lola wrote by herself and I couldn’t have been more proud of her because

it is just a great, fun song. Remind us to tell about her asking her to help her with a song she had started before we met.

We met at Waddell’s Longhorn Saloon in Buckeye, I was playing rhythm guitar in Gene Burkhart’s YOUZ GUYZ Band with Gene, Larry Regen and Bernie Bear for the West Valley Country Music Association open mic. Lola, having heard our country music band would be there, came out to hear us. She was a little late and I was on break, sitting at a table with several friends but we had one extra seat and the place was pretty packed so I walked over and ask her to sit with us. Well, she did. Gene asked me to get up and sing the song I had written and recorded several years ago called, Yesterdays. When I got off stage Lola asked if I was a songwriter. I said, “Yes ma’am I am.” She then asked if I would help her with a song she had started and I immediately said yes as I was MOST attracted to her. Well, before she left, breaking my heart when she did, I was totally in love with her and told her outright, Lady, I don’t know how you’re going to take this but, you really suit me! You can rest assured she still does but even more. Randy Ferguson and a bunch of others can tell you my feet NEVER touched the floor the rest of the day. I had absolutely NO problem believing him!

We are now working on CHAPTER TWO and still excited about working together. We have some new songs we hope you all will enjoy and hope to have it completed by Lola’s next Birthday.