WOW! Time for another blog, so my lovely wife tells me. I shall endeavor to shake a bit of cobwebs loose and share a few words. Please note, I did not say “words of wisdom”, just words.

Last evening Lola and I went to Paul Wilson’s jam at the First Christian Church on Thunderbird. As usual, there were a lot of jammers and, as usual, everyone was sweet and welcoming. Lola and I sang one of our new songs, “I Hold You” and I was proud of Lola’s continued to fight to get over her fear of singing in public. She has made great strides in doing so but not without a lot of hard work on her part. Makes me grin all over to watch her getting on toward her goal. Hmm, the only screw up we had was me veering off course on one line. Maybe ill take a couple of lessons from Lola.

We continue working toward getting our planned CD recorded and thanks to Steve Parrish, we are making some very sweet-sounding headway. We are also writing some songs specifically for Lola’s upcoming guidebook on Art Therapy and Music for use with Memory Care. It is something so very dear to her heart and just one more thing to make me even more proud of her hard work ethics. Boy oh boy, I’m hoping that doesn’t rub off on me. I like my lay back and take it easy persona.

Until next time, may the good Lord take a liking to you and yours,
Clyde & Lola