Gene Burkhart invited Clyde and I to do the special music at Desert Rose. Earline Esmay, came all the way from Montana to hear us! Earline and our friend, Emilio Hernandez, joined us for a roaring good time.

Hello from the Jorgensens :>)

Lola and I have been busy writing and learning the songs we write so we can record at Steve Parrish’s studio. Steve is a constant source of encouragement besides being a friend and wonderful studio BRAIN.

This past Saturday, Lola and I attended a Music Business Summit put on by Fervor Records and hosted by Jeff Freundlich and David Hilker of Fervor Records. Our Arizona Songwriter’s Association sponsored this event and I implore any of our many wonderful songwriters to be sure NOT to miss this event anytime Fervor puts one on. Nope, not a lesson in songwriting but most certainly wonderful lessons in how to have a chance with songs you have written and produced. I’m pretty sure we’ve all written songs that are noteworthy but, as in my humble case, never had a real clue in what we need to do with them.

My endeavors all failed in the very first step of the plan Jeff and group laid out; YEP! Have a plan for each move, how much you would spend and just what each expense would do for your plan.

My lovely wife will see to it that I will never make this rather dumb mistake again, have a plan and stick to it. Well, that is if your aim is to actually make any headway in this tremendously competitive business called songwriting. I can’t over emphasize just how competitive it is but so much fun to be in and, the rewards can be GREAT in many ways and money can surely be part of those rewards.

I did mention to Jeff, as the event was drawing to an end, most of the speakers need to practice using a microphone and SLOW down in their delivery. Ben Mclane, a lawyer, spoke as if he might be defending a client from a death penalty and his every word was so paced that even slow listening me could understand his every word. Also, Greg Sweeney may have guessed that some of us just might not hear as fast as some could talk. Thanks to Ben and Greg so very much!!!

You may want to keep this story in mind anytime you are considering being a competitive and successful songwriter.
Love and blessings, Clyde & Lola